Feed mixer and silo scales

Our offer includes electronic scales, suitable for feed mixing plants and silos, equipped with electronic indication systems, during the manufacture of which the most modern production techniques were used and attention for details was paid. All the electronic scales we present have feeding equipment and 3-4 sensors, which shall be perfectly compatible with a computer. Such solutions allows for remote control of up to 6 feeders.

Electronic feed mixer and silo scales significantly speed up the production process, thanks to maintenance, which is simple and does not require many employees. Our products are characterized by a high accuracy of measurement and reliability.


  • Weighing range of up to 90 ton,
  • Reading scale - 5, 10, 20, 40 kg,
  • The basic scale is made for the feed mixer’s leg span,
  • Number of sensors depends on the number of mixer’s legs.
  • 230V power supply.

The price includes:

  • Electronic equipment,
  • Footings with sensors and wires,
  • Adder,
  • First assembly and further use instructions.

Additionally, there is a possibility to install a sound signaling, which activates upon reaching a pre-programmed weight.

Such set is connected and configured. Calibration has been performed by the manufacturer, which grants a guarantee for the entire device.


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