Electronic scales

Our company, in order to response to your expectations, also offers devices made of stainless, acid-resistant as well as galvanized steel. There also is a possibility, at your request, to manufacture the scales of dimensions other than those included in our offer.

Certification, legalization, scales calibration

  • Vehicle scales offered by our company are provided with any dimensions and tonnage. High quality of materials is the guarantee of durability.
  • Also does out offer include livestock scales, thanks to which you are able to save a lot of time and effort while weighing your stock. Electronic livestock scales offered by our company are highly practical for their owners as well as safe for animals.
  • Moreover, in our offer will you find modern and exceptionally functional industrial scales. They shall be perfect for frequently repeated weighing of heavy equipment.
  • Versatile and universal construction of our scales for mixers allows to apply them to all kinds of mixers produced in Poland.

Scales service

For all our products do we grant a full guarantee as well as we offer guarantee and post-guarantee service.

From the very beginning of manufacturing, our products are of interest to foreign recipients. Our electronic scales are sent to German market, and thanks to dynamic development and cooperation with our distributors, manufacture and export becomes a stronger foot of our enterprise every year.

Despite larger number of orders, we try to be a company characterized by flexibility, readiness to manufacture items corresponding to the most unusual needs of Customers. This is why, each devices we manufacture may be improved in accordance to the individual needs of Customers, and every unusual order constitutes a challenge we are happy to undertake. Such jobs give us the possibility to gain new experience.

In our workshop we always prioritize the quality of products we offer. Vehicle or livestock scale is the guarantee of long years of operation.

Our company always prioritizes the quality of offered products.


Our vehicle, industrial and livestock scales have been operating in industrial establishments and agricultural enterprises both domestically and cross-border for years. We are proud that our company develops mainly thanks to the recommendations of satisfied Clients. Thanks to lengthy experience in production of metal constructions, we managed to optimize technological process, as a consequence of which our products are competitively-priced.


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