Certification, legalization, scales calibration

One of the specializations of ours is scales legalization. Every job we approach in professional manner, executing it in accordance with applicable standards and norms. Having performed an analysis, we issue a readable and clear certificate. .

Scales legalization and weighing is carried out within the entire Poland. We have our own transport by an HDS crane and own 30 tons of weights.

We invite all persons interested in renting weights and scale legalization vehicle to contact our specialists as well as to read our details offered located in “weights” tab. We keep expanding our offer in order to respond to the needs of our Clients, as well as we offer so favorable conditions for cooperation.

We perfectly know that while making decision on choosing the certification company you need to consider all “for” and “against”. We wish you to have a full knowledge on the process and meaning of certification and legalization of scales, thus especially for you, we created a legalization handbook. In this handbook, you will find answers for the most frequently asked questions related to scales legalization.

 1. What is scales legalization and what is the purpose of certificating my equipment?

Scales legalizations is a confirmation of the Office of Measures that a scale we are using in trade activities work properly and precisely weights all goods, with accuracy indicated on the rating plate. The measuring error of a device may not exceed the “e” or “d” parameter, and in case of counter scales it mostly is a margin of error of up to 5 gram (for stock models - 20-50 gram). All devices produced after May 1, 2004 shall have an European certificate CE, which is contained in the European Union rules, as well as a metrology mark. All devices we legalize are marked with special M symbol (black letter on green background), which authorizes the user to them in trade, with no necessity to possess additional certificates.

As experts within this area, with a large experience in manufacturing, servicing and legalization of scales, we provide our Clients with a full support, technical advisory and periodical inspections. Scales legalization is essential, since lack of appropriate certificate with simultaneous use of such device in trade exposes the user for large financial penalties - both from the Office of Measures and from other administrative units. Most often, the penalty for no certification is the liability to pay the amount within the range of 50-500pln, and this amount is related to number of factors, including the type of device, the time that lapsed since last legalization or just the point of view of the officer. Having been penalized with a fine, you may expect a follow-up control in order to verify, whether the penalty produced the expected result. If not, the user will be imposed with another fine, and in a situation of repeated failure to satisfy the provisions of law, the matter may also be referred to a court to be dealt with.

Properly adjusted weighing device also gives the possibility to provide professional services to your Clients, instead of exposing yourself to their bad reviews. In Czekała S.C. you may purchase the highest-quality devices with initial legalization, which are adjusted to operate in specified conditions.

Exemplary legalization marking include e.g. CE, M13 marking, which indicated its performance in 2013, and counting from December 2013 it is valid until November 2016 (in case of initial legalization). The proof of recertification constitute holographic labels, put besides the rating plate. All information you may acquire is the year of manufacture and initial legalization, number of notified unit, European Union Certificate, metrology mark and accuracy class.


2. How long is the legalization valid?

Recertification of non-automatic and automatic devices we perform is valid for 25 months, and it is counted from the first day of a month, when the device underwent a recertification. It is suitable in cases, when the device has never been fixed and no security features have been damaged. Otherwise, the device must undergo a recertification.

New devices, purchased from the store, are covered by initial legalization of the manufacturer or importer, which is valid until the end of current year + 3 years, i.e.: if newly manufactured scales is legalized in January 2016, its recertification shall be due in January 2020.


3. Is it necessary to possess a legalization certificate?

The most important matters for establishing the legality of a scale are legalization features, which are placed on the device and which are listed above. Therefore, a certificate is an additional document, which you do not have to posses in order to state whether a given device satisfies the requirements of the State or the European Union. You only need to leave the device with us for legalization in order to feel fully safe and prevent yourself from receiving a fine during inspection. Moreover, under currently applicable provisions, certificates are issued only after repairs ordered by the owner, and in some cases after damaging the rating plate or labels. Certificates are the remains of old laws.


4. What should I do, when legality expires?

You should contact us. In case of positive results of analysis, our specialists shall certainly quickly and professionally prepare the document allows for further use of a device. We perform recertification (secondary), and prior to issuing the certificate our job is to appropriately calibrate the device, thanks to which the user shall be ensured that it indicates precise parameters and undergoes all tests in the Office of Measuress. We comprehensively execute all orders, undertaking all necessary steps also in situations, when the device requires painting, repair and other actions - we take care of everything, entirely reducing the Client’s burdens. Scales legalization shall be performed again also in case of changing the place of installation or usage of the device, failure or damage to the certification features, damage to markings related to them as well as after any type of repairs. In case of damages to the measuring devices and its repair with no change to original characteristics or purpose, it shall not be treated as new, therefore it shall not be subject to conformity assessment procedure. The device may be then legalized e.g. in situation, when replaced part is identical or very similar to the damaged one.


5. Scales legalization - what does the process look like?

The first step of scales legalization is obviously contacting out specialists by phone or e-mail, which are indicated on our website. The shall advise you on subsequent steps and shall arrange the order be executed within the time that suits you. Then, they shall receive the device and, when needed, shall equip the Client with a replacement device for the time of certification, thanks to which the Client is able to maintain the continuity of carried out activities.

Further steps are on us - the scope of further legalization activities include:

  • repairs,
  • calibration,
  • cleaning,
  • inspection, and, when needed, replacement of faulty components,
  • all other activities, which are necessary for legalization, and which always result from the individual Client’s needs, type of scale, etc.

We also take the responsibility of dealing with all formalities, which are related to scale legalization in the Office of Measures. This administrative unit calibrates them on the basis of provisions included in the Act from May 11, 2001 Law on measurements, where the most important are: art. 6a, art. 19 and art. 20 of this Act.

Having finished the entire process successfully, we deliver you a scale ready for further use - it is equipped with seals and labels with information on validity and legality. After 25 months, we invite you again to perform another activities or for earlier visits in order to perform any repairs, or verify the correctness of operation of a device. Our effort are interned to save your time, so you do not need to visit us too often and so your device is faulty-free until the subsequent recertification.

6. What scales are subject to mandatory legalization?

Legalization is mandatory for all devices intended for establishment of mass:

  • in the course of trade,
  • necessary to impose trade charges, remunerations, taxes, compensations and other,
  • while applying the provisions of law and issuing opinions in court proceedings,
  • of patient by doctors,
  • while creating prescription medications,
  • while packing the goods and during the laboratory analyses.

We may not forget about devices used for the protection of health and environment and for the protection of order. However, there are scales, which do not require legalization, among which there are devices used in sports competitions, geological measurements, domestic applications or internal quality controls. We specialized in legalization of electronic scales of all kinds - counter, industrial and laboratory scales. However, it is worth noting that we can legalize only the devices, which were sold as scales legalized by the manufacturer or importer. If they were not certified, there is no possibility to implement this process thereafter.

7. What are the types of legalization of scales used for trade purposes?

There are three kinds of legalization of scales used in trade, including:

  • Initial - granted for the first time by the manufacturer or importer, after the device is manufactured. It is essential before the device is placed on market or for use, and it is valid for 3 years since the date, which is indicated on the rating plate.
  • Secondary - we perform such legalization for every Client, offering every recertification after the expiry of initial legalization. Valid for 25 months since the date indicated by the Office of Measures,
  • Unit - created for special purposes and is performed at special request from the user (e.g. production establishment). In other words, it is an initial certification of measuring equipment, performed unitary.

8. When is receiving a certificate impossible?

Scales legalization is impossible, when administrative body does not allows it. It happens, when the device is damaged or unprepared for inspection, which in case of cooperation with our company shall certainly never happen. Carrying out such process may also be impossible in situation, when the applicant does not ensure appropriate conditions for performance of related activities, and when the type of submitted device, subject to type approval, is not approved. While using our services and purchasing our measuring equipment in our store, you do not need to worry about such situations, and they are provided only for information.

9. What is a scale calibration?

Legalization of scales id not the only form of verifying the accuracy of measurement and effectiveness of scales - the other one is calibration (or checkup). It is performed in laboratory in specially created conditions, which are intended to imitate those, which are present during normal operation of a device. Measuring points are always selected in accordance with the conditions of device operation, and the certificate shall include all data and parameters, such as date and time of test, achieved results and uncertainty of measurements. Calibration or verification finishes successfully if the measurement errors fall within the scope of acceptable errors (found in the technical specification). Measurement results are related to the units of measurement applicable in given country. There are no specified time limits applicable to calibration or checkup, and it depends on user and exploitation that the device is exposed to. This constitutes a difference between the process intended for legalizing the device.

10. What should I know when purchasing a scale?

Our specialization is the manufacture of measuring equipment, thus we wish to clarify all doubts related to purchase of new device. It is essential to note, whether purchased equipment is legalized - if you purchase a new device, which is not legalized, subsequent legalization will not be possible, and therefore the device shall be of no use in any business activity. It is also worth considering, what parameters the device shall have, among which there should be a maximum mass of weighed items, weighing accuracy as well as the dimensions of platter or bridge. Certainly shall we determine the conditions, which the measuring equipment is intended to be used in and what tasks it is intended to perform. In our store you may purchase industrial, livestock, feed mixer or vehicle scales.

Our fundamental aim is to adjust the solutions to individual needs of all our Clients - thanks to patented and modern constructions, all offered devices satisfy the requirements of the most demanding Clients. Thanks to a sturdy construction, their legalization shall not be frequent, since faulty-free operation allows for stress-free exploitation in various conditions.

11. What are the benefits of cooperating with us?

If you use the legalization, servicing or scale trade services, you may expect:

  • professional advisory and possibility to adjust the solution to individual requirements,
  • the best technical resources as well as a wide selection of solutions, thanks to which both investing in the product and its exploitation are beneficial,
  • experience in repairs, legalization and aid in solving your issues,
  • attractive prices of both sold items and related services,
  • Replacement scales that you receive while purchasing legalization services - repairs and calibrations sometimes take a little longer, so in oder to allow you to work efficiently and continuously, you shall receive a high quality replacement equipment.

We hope this information clarified your concerns. If you have any further questions, contact us - our experts will certainly provide you with all necessary information.

Therefore, we invite all owners of this kind of equipment to have a look at and use our offer. We enure a full SATISFACTION.