Vehicle, livestock, industrial, feed mixer and silo scales

CNC Machining

Highly efficient feed mixing plants

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Our company has a wide range of business activities.


We manufacture:

- vehicle scales,

- livestock scales,

- feed mixer scales,


Moreover, do we perform acalibration and legalization of scales.

We are occupied with professionalCNC machiningof metals and plastics,

CAD/CAM designing.


Since recently, have we been designing fully automated,

highly efficient feed mixing plants.


So wide range of activities allows us to respond to the needs and expectations of our Clients, which results in continuously growing group of business partners.

Therefore, if you are looking for the right vehicle or livestock scale in Leszno, should you have a look at out offer.





Why are we THE BEST?

We use only the highest-quality components and materials, retrieved from verified, trustworthy suppliers. A long-standing presence in the market gives us the possibility to manufacture products on the basis of the best industry practices, and the experience gained during that time results in high quality of products and services for a reasonable price.

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Why us?

Since, due to a lengthy practice, we managed to connect the high quality of our products with moderate prices. We achieved such a success thanks to in-depth understanding of our Clients and listening to their suggestions, both related to the range of our products as well as to construction details.

This resulted in offering our partners solutions appropriately adjusted to their needs, based on our experience, enthusiasm for work and modern design and technological resources.

Electronic scales

The range of our electronic scales contains a very wide selection of devices, including vehicle, livestock, industrial or feed mixer scales.


We also specialize in professional CNC machining of plastics and metals, including their milling and turning.


Are you seeking perfectly weighed weights in Leszno? Check out ours!

Have a look at our scales calibration and weights rental offer.


Our company also designs highly efficient feed mixing plants. The plants are fully automated and they reach an efficiency of up to 15 tons/hour. You are welcome to learn more about our offer.

Where are we?

We are located in Leszno, but we deliver our products within the entire Poland and Germany.


Our company has been operating as a family enterprise since 1993, since when have we been producing various types of scales. The founder of our company is Bernard Czekała, who had been a scale designer for many years. At the very beginning our main activity comprised of manufacturing agricultural scale, which were used for proportioning the feed to mixers. Currently, we are offering a wide range of devices - starting from vehicle, livestock or industrial scales, through weights and feed mixing plants, up to CNC machining services and scales legalization in Leszno.


We are looking forward to cooperating with everyone, who finds out products an essential part of their everyday work. Particularly, do we invite farmers, owners of livestock purchases or scrap yards as well as aggregate pits.


  • “I am very satisfied with the scale I purchased from Czekała S.C. - very accurate, solid, and what is the most important in my industry - reliable.”

    Piotr S.

  • “The guys in this company know what they are doing. The plastics machining of theirs is a real masterpiece - I do recommend their services with a clear conscience.”



Czekała S.C.

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